On The Importance of Art


People often wonder about the importance of art and why they should be making art a part of their lives. For many both present and past, art lacks a definitive practical purpose, making it as good as useless. Like Plato who negated the importance of imagination ( and its relation to Truth ) by banning poets from entering the premises of the city. For Plato, the poet was nothing but a madman. Such views go against artists by devaluing their art. They tell artists that they are wasting time and that whatever they will create will ultimately lay to waste.

And yet artists all over the world are acknowledged for their power of imagination. Whether it be painters, sculptors, or photographers, artists are recognized by their sensibilities and approach to the inner collective unconscious. The idea of living with pictures and surrounding ourself with art revives the muses that are sometimes lost by us in the busy daily grind we go through. By being around great pieces of art we can unearth those aspects of life which otherwise remain abstract. 


We all need to look at the strokes made by the 'artist’s brush' and consider the thought process and hard work that has gone after them. What visual artists see in simple lines and shapes is difficult to understand for the person who does not keep a sensitive eye to the world. The odd but simple picture taken by the photographer cannot be acknowledged by those who do not use a camera for seeing deliberately.  

Life is ultimately measured in the abstract. It's meaning is often difficult to comprehend and the harder you try finding an answer, the more you'll find yourself entrapped in its web of questions, tightening with every second step you try to take towards attaining the answer. Art is one form of the imagination that creates a path for the human mind to try and solve such intriguing questions. Especially in present times without mythology, art can bring the suppressed emotions out and make them form into words or other means of communication which can easily help relieve a person affected from constraints of the unknown. 

Similar to music, the visual arts create waves of different emotions in an individual. Although a framed piece of art does not seem to have as much life in it as a single musical track, even then it can exert more power. It can overpower the person looking at it through its strength of convincing and connecting. Where music can silence a rapid speaker and make him concentrate, a piece of art can initiate a fruitful conversation in a quiet room.

"Art is the highest form of hope" - Gerhard Richter


People collect art and appreciate it by placing it in the rooms which they use the most. This is their method of integrating their minds and souls so that they can be near the medium which attracts them the most. These works of art help them develop hopes for a better tomorrow. Moreover, this is their way of appreciating the dedicated work and gift of the artist who is behind the creation.

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